Kingdom Dance Resources

Official CDFB merchandise is available from Kingdom Dance Resources, who also supply flags, tambourines, banners, books and other resources for Christian dance.


Wellkin is a social enterprise which promotes mental health and physical well being through dance activities for all ages and abilities in and around East Cheshire.

Owner/practitioner, Shirley Brocklehurst, facilitates Dance Therapy in clinical, healthcare and community settings and provides professional dance tuition which is inclusive and accessible. As well as Social Dancing (Ballroom, Latin and Sequence) Shirley also offers a variety of movement modalities, such as contemporary dance and creative movement, for reflection, expression and self development, as well as dance exercise classes for strength, stamina, balance and co-ordination.

Kingdom Family Dancers

Kingdom Family Dancers is a small group of Christians that meets regularly in the Stroud area of Gloucestershire primarily to worship the Lord in Davidic Biblical dance. Our dancing is based on Israeli folk dance steps and we dance to Christian and Messianic worship music. Sometimes this is vibrant and fast, other times slow and meditative. Our dancing is mostly in a circle, holding hands. This is a wonderful form of dancing which helps us connect with the Hebraic roots of our faith and the circle includes everyone.

Holy Fools UK

Holy Fools U is a loosely connected group of around 50 Christians throughout the UK who see themselves as involved in the ministry of proclaiming God's good news through their skills as entertainers. Our message is a celebration of the Gospel which we enact in Churches, schools, prisons, cathedrals and at outdoor events and conferences, in fact, anywhere people are foolish enough to invite us.

Stu Deo Art

Original Art & Creative Workshops by Marina Stuart. Marina Stuart is an artist based in Southampton, Hampshire,UK. Take a look at the paintings displayed in the Gallery Pages
Stu Deo Art: Deo is Latin meaning 'for God' and 'by God'

National Liturgical Dance Network

National Liturgical Dance Network was developed to provide organisational development and leadership training to Christians who participate in, lead or have a vision to begin liturgical dance ministries at their respective churches.

uC Grace

uC Grace is a dance company run by freelance teacher, choreographer and dancer Anna Gilderson (formerly Anna Henry). It works alongside schools,churches and communities; encouraging, growing and releasing participants to explore dance in a creative way.

Springs Dance Company

Springs Dance Company is a professional London based contemporary dance company that performs and teaches original dance works that challenge and inspire in theatres, churches and schools. Springs run a training year called Elevate to provide excellent training in a nurturing Christine environment.

Movement in Worship

A network of creative worshippers who aim to raise the profile of creativity in worship.

Transform Work UK

Transform Work UK supports Christian workplace groups, including teachers, dancers and policemen. CDFB has joined with Transform Work UK at Spring Harvest and the Christian Resources Exhibition.

More Than Dance

More Than Dance deliver creative programs in schools and communities, using dance to encourage growth in areas of self-esteem and personal/group communication.

Chantry Dance Company

Chantry Dance Company is a contemporary ballet company that was formed in order to provide a body on which to create a new choreographic aesthetic.