General Enquiries

Please contact us, email:

Telephone: 07826 905511 (callers are charged at your providers normal call rate).

National Coordinator

Anna Arnold email:


CDFB Membership Secretary, Sue; email:


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Please share pictures and video of your events to be shown on the gallery page or the CDFB YouTube channel.

Emailing large files, for example, pictures or videos, can be a problem due to the file size limit imposed by email providers. There are a number of options to sharing large files:

  • Google Drive; free if you have a Gmail email address.
  • Microsoft OneDrive; free if you have an Outlook email address.
  • Wormhole; free.

Please see the instructions on how to use each method:


Click on the link to go to the Wormhole website Drag and drop your file into the webpage or click on the Select files to send button. Click on the Copy link button and email the link to your recipient. The link lasts for 24 hours. Wormhole will work for files up to 5MB.

If you have any problems please feel free to email me.

John Usher email:

Sharing Large Files with Google
Google Drive
Sharing Large Files with Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft OneDrive

Privacy Policy of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain

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Privacy Policy