CDFB National Weekend 2017

CDFB National Weekend 2017 brochure

Dancing in Spirit and Truth – John 4.24

Our Speaker for the weekend is Liz Babbs - internationally renowned speaker, author and performer. As well as speaking, Liz will share excerpts from her concert presentation 'Ruach' which highlights the person and work of the Holy Spirit in Scripture. Delegates will have the opportunity to be involved in this presentation.

Dates: 13th -- 15th October 2017

Venue: Brunel Manor Torquay

Full Board

Workshops and Leaders

Flags for “Ruach”

Candy Hackney

Candy is a past National Coordinator of CDFB. She will be teaching delegates who would like to take part in the Saturday evening presentation of “Ruach” - using simple moves with flags, and having the opportunity to receive more of the Holy Spirit.

Creative Dance using Contemporary Dance & Physical Contact

Anna Arnold

Biography: Anna has been a member of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain for over 15 years. She originally trained at The Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London before going on to dance professionally with The Vienna Festival Ballet. After a considerable break, and thinking she would never dance again, she received a prophetic word from God calling her to dance again but this time for Him. With encouragement from key members of the CDFB, Anna started dancing again and using her dance both in worship and in christian theatre. She currently leads dance and creative workshops in the UK for the CDFB and last year led workshops in Romania and at ICDF conferences in Ghana and the Netherlands. She has recently set up dance and exercise classes in her church ministry area to provide classes for those who cannot afford to pay for secular classes and is also working with 3rd Stage Dance Company, managing their program of ballet and creative dance for the older dancer.

Workshop Description: Creative choreography using contemporary dance and physical contact. This workshop is aimed at those with some dance experience who are looking for a bit of a challenge! Using contemporary dance technique as a starting point, the workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to explore the themes of the conference through both personal and interpersonal movement.


Mary Jones

Exercise, meditation and worship through Scriptures. Mary is the founder of the International Christian Dance Fellowship, and we are delighted she is with us to teach.

CaraMayan (CM) is a way of using dance movement to scripture for exercise, meditation and worship. In the workshop we will be learning a meditation suited to a theme of the conference. CM is suitable to use with non-dancers as well as dancers and there is an on-line certification course and DVD/CDs available.

Movement and Prayer

Justin Watkins

Justin is passionate about encouraging others to use movement and dance as a physical expression of worship. He has been active in worship dance for many years, and will be a familiar face to many within CDFB.

Justin will lead a workshop exploring the use of movement and dance in prayer. If space permits, props such as staffs might be used in this workshop, and Weather permitting, there is the option of using the Great Outdoors!

Expressions of a Pure Heart

Helianthe Oneil-eersel

Helianthe is National Coordinator of the Dutch CDF, and will use modern dance technique, special music and spontaneous movements - both singly and in a group - to express love for God and others.

In this workshop:

  1. I will start by giving a brief interpretation of the heart from scriptures. The heart is our inner being and that is why God wants our heart. He does not only wants our heart, but He wants our heart to be pure for Him. Because when our heart is pure for Him than His heart becomes one with our heart and that is pure expressions. We will be one with Him, so He can dance through us and touch other hearts.
  2. Than the delegates (dancers) will learn some moves to express their heartbeat on music.
  3. They will get the chance to release their heart feelings through spontaneous moves, by dancing on special music, they use the same movements or their own.
  4. They will do group choreography on special music in which they will form a big moving heart.
  5. In couples they will learn how to express the feeling of their deeper love for God to minister to the other.
I will use modern dance Technique and spontaneous moves in this workshop to show that you can express your heart in a spontaneous and beautiful way through your body.

Creating Shapes

Peter Hothersall

Peter is the current National Coordinator of CDFB and will be using ballroom based movements to create shapes with groups of dancers.

Twirling Banners

Doreen Basar

My name is Doreen Basar, I have recently taken over as coordinator for CDFB Mid-South and have been a member of CDFB for nearly 15 years.

If you have not used twirling banners before and are eager to learn something new, then this workshop would be suitable for you. We will be learning to use movements with twirling banners to create a choreographed piece to finish.

Messianic Worship Dances

Debby Ward

Debby is Deputy Regional Coordinator for Bristol & West Region of CDFB. She will be using traditional steps from Jewish cultural dances in this workshop. A basic knowledge of these steps would be helpful.

Keep Fit & Chairobics “Garment of Praise”

Janet Blake

This session is suitable for all and will include an active but gentle chair -based warm up, working through the whole body . We will use scarves to represent the flow of God's spirit in our lives and finish the session with gentle stretching.

Janet Blake is a registered teacher with the Keep Fit Association and has been a member of the CDFB for 10 years.

Pray for the Day

Jan Dyer

We are also thrilled to be able have Jan with us, who is Joint Coordinator of the International Christian Dance Fellowship. She will host our early morning prayer times.

cost and bookings

All prices are per person and include workshops, accommodation, and full board (including tea and coffee), from 4 p.m. Friday until after lunch Sunday, and are based on 2 people sharing a twin en-suite room

£175 Early Bird - payment in full by 31st August 2017 - CDFB members
£185 Payment after 31st August 2017 - CDFB members
£10 Additional payment for weekend membership for non-members
£30 Supplement for single occupancy of a twin room
£10 Discount for a limited number of single rooms without en-suite

Please book by contacting Brunel Manor on 01803 329333.

Stage payments can be agreed by arrangement with Brunel Manor.

For those unable to meet the whole cost, help may be available - email: